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    Types of Wheels

    There are a few different types of wheels you can have on your car. Until recently, the standard wheels found on a car have been steel. This is changing with new technologies and fashions. The type of wheel rim you have can alter a vehicle's performance and handling substantially, so if this is an important function of a car you may want to examine some of the options available:


    Until recently steel wheels have been standard on cars. They are cheap and resilient to damage, but heavy. Steel options are being used less and less on most modern cars as alloy wheels are proving to be strong but more lightweight, which gives them more of an edge in performance.


    Often referred to as "mags", alloy wheels are wheels made from an aluminium or magnesium alloy metal. They improve a car's appearance, performance and handling. Often alloy wheels are designed to maximize ventilation of the braking system, preventing discs and pads from overheating and allowing for optimal braking performance. They are light and strong, and are a popular option on most modern cars.


    Chrome is the finish applied to the chosen wheel. Chrome wheel covers have no recognized benefit to a car, other than their shiny appearance, making them a fashion accessory to a car.


    Spinners are wheel covers that don't enhance the performance of the car, but do draw the eye to them, as they spin both when the car is in motion, and for a period even after the car has stopped moving.

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